healthy food

Chef Rachel has years of experience working with individuals looking to optimize their health by making nutritious food choices. She can work with you to accomplish your goals by providing satisfying and delicious food for you to reheat wherever and whenever you need a healthy meal.


grilled lemon thyme chicken breasts
poached wild coho salmon
turkey meatloaf
rosemary-balsamic tofu
pan-seared sea scallops
pan roasted wild striped bass
grilled salt and pepper shrimp

Soups and Casseroles
chick peas, kale, and butternut squash
chicken, tomatillo and hominy chili
kale root vegetable and white bean stew
curried lentil soup
ten vegetable minestrone
baked eggplant “lasagna”, feta and roasted tomato sauce
Aunt Ray’s chicken soup

charred carrots
roasted broccoli
steamed market vegetables
vegan butternut squash puree
toasted quinoa with pine nuts, dates and parsley
wok charred bok choi and napa cabbage
grilled summer squash

Cold Salads
market vegetable and soba salad with scallion-ginger dressing
tabouli with chick peas
mexican chopped salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette
toasted wheat berries with roasted beets and balsamic vinaigrette
chicken salad with tarragon-mustard vinaigrette
lentil and carrot salad with oregano-red chili vinaigrette

Snacks and Sweet Treats
homemade sorbet with fruit and agave nectar
white bean dip with market vegetables and baked pita crisps
pico de gallo and baked tortilla chips
pimenton popcorn
baked apples with raisins and almonds
berry and citrus salad w/ honey-vanilla greek yogurt